Top 10 Jobs at Apple

apple jobsUndeniably, Macbooks, iPods, iPads, and iPhones are the best-loved products in the world, especially since they now hold a default spot on everybody’s wish list nowadays. Indeed, who would not notice these wonderful creations born from utmost care and hard work, displaying ultimate sophistication in simplicity? But of course, what could be more enticing than landing one of the many jobs at Apple?

Apple Inc. has corporate offices worldwide, from Cupertino to London to Shanghai. Corporate jobs at Apple include the following:

Information Systems & Technology Apple Jobs


Hardware Engineering

Software Engineering





Product Management


Customer Service and Support

Human Resources



Real Estate & Development Apple Jobs

Jobs at Apple Retail Stores are also available. Retail stores are the perfect place if you are creative, tech savvy, analytical. It is where you can show off your expertise and passion by connecting customers to Apple products and helping them integrate these products into their lives. You can also inspire people into developing creative ideas with their every purchase. The following are promising jobs at Apple Inc. retail stores:

Specialist – As the heart of Apple’s extraordinary customer service reputation, they should understand the needs of the customers and bring out the right solutions for each of their concerns.

Creative positions – these are for people who have passion for the digital arts, who can conduct one-on-one workshops and training sessions for customers. Aspiring artists such as filmmakers, photographers, musicians, editors, and web designers are welcome to apply.

Genius positions – This is where technical support specialists work. They are those who love solving problems and analyzing. They are responsible for all the hardware and software troubleshooting jobs at Apple; they conduct diagnosis as well as product repair.

Business positions – Members of these positions are the ones who put Apple products to work. They are powerful and intuitive and help companies arrive at the best solutions to achieve their goals. Business positions are for those with interest in sales management and technology solutions.

Apple Inc. has not only changed the global landscape of consumer electronics, but has also redefined job opportunities as well. As a big company, there is no doubt that there are open jobs at Apple Inc. for you. The company assures its employees that you will be part of something big, regardless of the jobs at Apple that you hold. Landing any jobs at Apple means being challenged and inspired at the same time, in accordance with this giant-tech company’s vision.