McDonalds job application

McDonalds Job Application – Finding One

McDonalds job applicationMake no mistake, a McDonalds job application is one of the most popular as the company is one of America’s favorite places to seek employment.  Many high school students around the United States chose Micky D’s as their first job.  Those who are retired and looking for extra income also look toward this company.  Although many look for these positions in the summer months, they can actually find job openings throughout the year.  Search through hundreds of jobs and start working today!

It All Starts With A McDonalds Job Application

Completing a McDonalds job application is now even easier since you can complete one from the comfort of a computer online.  When completing the McDonalds application there are a few things you must remember.  The first one is that if you fill it out wrong or are incomplete with your answers, you may be disqualified for the position.  McDonalds receives them from prospective hires in large quantities.  They don’t have the time to re-contact you so that you can correct any mistakes or fill out missing information.

If you want to be taken seriously then you have to do everything you do with zest.  Look over everything before you submit it to make sure nothing was left out.  If you do, it seems as if you did not really care about McDonalds jobs to begin with.  Believe it or not, many people turn them in incomplete or with multiple errors.  If yours, on the other hand, is top-notch than your chances of being called back greatly improve.

Many famous people got their start in life by completing a McDonalds job application.  These folks are now doctors, lawyers, architects, and teachers, but they all got their start working in a great establishment that taught them responsibility and provided them with their first paychecks.  When people ask what the best fast food jobs are there are many names mentioned.  To me, the only real choice is this company.

My McDonalds Job Application Isn’t So Funny Now, Is It

McDonalds job applicationAnyone that has ever worked for a fast food chain has been the butt of some type of joke. This should not discourage anyone from filling out a McDonalds job application though, as it can be the beginning of some very positive experiences. The job may not pay that much to start, but the responsibilities learned and opportunities that will present themselves in the future are far too significant to ignore.

In my case, I started working for McDonald’s as the ripe old age of fourteen. My McDonalds job application led to good things. I had to get a working permit and had restricted hours, but it did enable me to earn a paycheck and have some independence. The jokes that first came when my friends found out I would be working for McDonald’s stopped soon after when it seemed I was the only one in the crew that ever had any cash as my other pals could never find jobs hiring now.

McDonalds Job  Application

Since the only thing I was able to spend my money on during those first two years was baseball cards, most of the money ended up in the bank. I kept two different accounts, one for fun money and one for college tuition. The day I turned sixteen, my first stop was to the DMV to get my license, and the second stop was at a used car dealership where I bought my first car for cash! As you can see, McDonalds jobs can be very rewarding!

As the years progressed, I received a few promotions and by the time I had graduated high school, I was ready for management. The store manager was very flexible and was more than willing to work around my school schedule. In addition to being able to work, I was also able to earn scholarship money based on my job experience. I won the Coca-Cola award my junior year, receiving a $2,000 scholarship that made life much easier. I truly believe that without my practical work experience, I never would have won that award. The McDonalds application ended up being the start of something big.

I eventually left McDonald’s after graduating college, but the experience gave me a true leg up on my competition. I was already making a significant salary by that time, so I was able to demand more when interviewing for positions. In addition, I had practical experience and managerial skills that most of my competition could not offer the employers.

People can say whatever they want, but they are not the ones paying your bills. Filling out a McDonalds job application was one of the best decisions I ever made in my young life. Flipping burgers may be how I started out, but standing in front of that grill enabled me to land a job as a manager of a fine dining restaurant and eventually become the general manager. Nobody is laughing now! I would encourage you to look for jobs at McDonalds also. Look for a McDonalds online job application on your computer.

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