There Is More Than Just Filling Out An Online Job Application

online job applicationWant to know how to apply for jobs online ? It is actually very simple when searching for jobs hiring. The first thing to do is make sure you follow the instructions in their job announcement. Companies ignore candidates that do not follow the instructions they give. If the ad says you should attach an introduction letter, write one and send it in with your resume. If the ad says apply directly to the job site, do so. When the  job announcement says it is better to send your resume in a PDF file, do not send a Word document.

How employers accept applications for use:

– Directly on the company’s website by filling out an online job application.

– By e-mail to an e-mail from someone in human resources or by email to an individual in the company.

– From a portal for jobs as or where you can also complete an online job application.

– By mail.

Follow the instructions found in the application for employment. Keep track of which jobs you applied for so you can better manage your job search.

Online job application

When companies want candidates to apply directly to the website of the company, you may need to complete an application online instead of sending your resume. That’s because the company is using a procurement system that automatically tracks the candidates from the time they apply until they are hired by the company.

The easiest way to complete these applications is to copy and paste information from your resume to the online job application. If there is an option to upload your cover letter, write a letter and then attach it to the box.

How to Follow Up Your Online Job Application

When applying to a job online this can be tricky. Many companies do not provide the contact information of someone in the company because they do not want to be bombarded with phone calls and emails. The company prefers to make contact with the candidates that they want the most and not have to deal with the rest who they may not be interested in.

One school of thought says the candidate must locate a contact person in the company (whether the hiring manager, supervisor, etc.), regardless of what the announcement says.  I do not think this makes sense.  It is best to be respectful of the will of the employer and if the ad says not to call, then do not.  Instead, send a courteous email a week after you submitted your job application to verify that the employer has received your documents correctly.  Under no circumstances should you send excessive emails to the company.

If tracking is done by phone, try calling early in the morning.  People are more likely to receive the call before they are trapped in a busy day’s work.   Again, call a week or two after you submit the online job application.

When you do not receive a response

Unfortunately, many employers are notoriously bad at tracking. I know people who have sent hundreds of resumes and only get some answers, even after completing an online job application. If you do not receive a response shortly after application, and even after you send a follow-up email or make a subsequent call. Just forget about that employer and move on.

The trend is that companies will only contact those candidates who they are interested.  In the past, candidates received a letter or postcard in which they were told that the job was filled. Now, you’re lucky if you get an email. Part of the reason is that in allowing people to apply for good paying jobs via the Internet , companies receive many more applications per  job , and it is difficult to control so many applications.

If you have any connection with the company, ask that person if you can check the status of your online job application. That person can also give you a closer look and help you get a foot in the door.  Do not feel bad if you do not receive an answer, although it is annoying when you invest a lot of time to write your job cover letter and you believe the job is perfect for you. This is the nature of the business of  job hunting , good or bad, that’s how it works.

Do not stop and wait

There is a danger when you stop and wait to see what happens after submitting several online job applications.  You also don’t want to quit after receiving several job interviews.   The danger is that you do not know for sure that you have a job until a final offer is made to you.

A candidate with whom I worked did a really good job in applying to several potential jobs. He scheduled interviews in the first and second round, and generally did everything right.  Then he thought he had a deal with a company, so he declined interviews with other companies and stopped sending out his resume and submitting job applications.

What he had was not an offer. It was a vague email saying the company is interested in hiring him. There was no mention of salary, no benefits, nothing definitive that he should have construed as meaning that a job was being offered.  It took him two weeks to get a real salary range provided by the director of human resources. It was not even close to what he had expected and was not willing to work for that amount.

The moral of the story is to persevere.  Keep seeking employment, applying for jobs,  having interviews, until you have a a solid offer with a salary. There are many jobs hiring now.  Hopefully this will help you get one of them.