Police Officer Jobs Are Popular Because Of The Amazing Benefits

police officer jobsEven during these pretty tough times, there are hundreds of police officer jobs available throughout the country. You just have to know where to look. In Dade County Florida, for example, there are over 30 police departments. Even if the agencies say they are not currently hiring new officers, this might only mean that they are not expanding. There are always officer who retire every year, who leave to other agencies, who chose another line of work, or who are terminated. These police officer jobs can be filled by you.

There Are Police Officer Jobs Out There

Police officer jobs are popular, because the benefits of the position are so awesome. In Miami, officers get to retire after 25 years with a retirement that is 75% of the average of their top five grossing years, including overtime compensation. This means that if an officer made $100,000 on average during their top five earning years (which is actually quite common when you include overtime), their retirement benefits will be $75,000 a year for the rest of their lives! Even if an officer choose to go to college and starts their profession at 22 years old (some start as early as 19), this means the officers can retire at the age of 47 with a 75k a year. How can you beat that?

In addition, many officers enter what’s called the Differed Retirement Option Program (DROP) after 25 years. This allows them to work an additional 5 years beginning with their 26th year. The State provides the officer with their regular salary, but in addition, they also invest what the officer would have earned in retirement. Simply, this means that the state will invest the 75 thousand dollars into a savings account that they will keep for up to five years. They will also provide the officers with an interest rate a little under 1.5% for the amount. When the officer retires, that money is given to them. In other words, after year 30, the officer begins to earn their regular pension, but in addition, the state will present them with a check for about $380,000. Again, not bad huh?

And this is why folks look for police officer jobs everyday. As I said, the law enforcement jobs are out there. Check your Sunday paper’s employment section every week. Under government agencies, anyone who is hiring will usually post an ad their. The ad tells you want the requirements are and what the pay will be. It will also inform you how to apply. I would also suggest that you look at the individual web sites of each police agency. They will post police openings there as well. I wish you lots of luck in your jobs search. There are jobs hiring now in law enforcement, you just have to go out there and get them. They will not come to you.